• paper angle bead
    paper angle bead
    To replace the manual extracts or placing work. The whole production line more regularity, stability, continuity, to ensure the production and the working state of constant, effectively improve the production efficiency, product quality and stability.
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  • honeycomb board
    honeycomb board
    Adopts the international advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery manufacturing, like nature itself -- highest quality, durable valve using sophisticated imported Taocifaxin, with diamond-like hardness.
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  • paper pallet
    paper pallet
    On the lathe drill, knurling tools available for the corresponding processing. Mainly used for processing shaft, disc, cover and other workpieces with rotating surface, is a kind of machine tool manufacturing and repair facility in the most widely used.
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Our company's full name is Dongguan Hongqun Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd., This is just a branch company,our parent company is Dongguan Honghui Industrial CO.,LTD.

we are a professional packaging materials manufacturer.

The main products of us is packing meterials,such as paper corner protector,paper pallet,round box,paper tube,slip sheet,stretch film etc.